Urban Rehabilitation



In Capintaria Maral, besides the manufacturing activity, you can find a team of professionals and equipment with unique characteristics, capable of responding to any Urban Rehabilitation project.

If you want to rebuild or recover maintaining the original trace, we can help you!

The recognition that was given to us with this 1st National Award was not only a moment of pride and satisfaction, but also of certainty that the path we have decided to take is the right one!

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1st National


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Woodworking is in our nature; it is something that motivates us and makes us want to improve every day. Throughout the years, there have been many challenges that we have embraced and delivered with the belief that they have been done with the utmost care and attention.

We work with the maximum level of detail on all our projects, but these require some extra attention. There are many details, the requirement to maintain all the original features, the woods, the contours, the shades… true replicas made with modern and duly certified materials.

A craftsman work made with modern and innovative technology.

If you have a project in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us or pay us a visit. We are sure that we can respond exceeding your expectations.

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